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Discover How To Influence, Persuade & Captivate Your Way To An Online Business Fortune!

How to control the minds of your website visitors, and have them lining up in droves to shove their cash in your pocket.

Dear Online Marketer,

Wouldnt it be great to be able to control other peoples thoughts? Imagine how many of your products you could sell then. In fact, forget the products for now, how about being able to spot a scam from a mile off? Or, how would you like to be able to resist corporate marketing. While everybody else is controlled by it and follows it, youre setting the standards, the fashions and influencing opinions. It feels pretty good to be able to do that.

Its a very powerful position to be in, and Im going to show you exactly how you can get there, just by understanding what goes on in the mind of marketers. Not just online, but offline too.

Sure, theres cliches out there that everyone knows. Theres the whole secret thing (which is way overused), but aside from that, did you know that the ads you see on TV, the ads in publications and on websites are finely crafted, with thought going into every word. Each one with a purpose, the majority of the time influencing peoples actions for the sole purpose of getting them to buy something.

It happens to everyone, and unless you understand this whole letter, youre being controlled by it too. An uncomfortable thought, (and I get bucket loads of hate e-mail for saying things like that) but its easily avoided. Easily controlled and bent to you own advantage even, if you know what youre doing.
Before we go any further..
Let me let you in to an example of exactly what I mean. So, here we were, Friday night, pizza, and a couple of drinks watching a DVD and just relaxing, and talking. The DVD ends and we switch back to the TV. The conversation turns to marketing, so I began trying to explain to them about the media and the methods they use to control peoples actions. Most of them downright unethical, derogatory and insulting. But people still buy it (even those who assume the odd cliche such as secret formulas and be your own boss catchphrases and exploding bank account buzz words is what marketing is about).

Anyway, literally thirty seconds after we stop talking about that, an ad comes on TV. Totally insulting to any man/woman looking to buy that product. 100% legal of course, but verging on breaking ethical boundaries, almost insulting. There was a short silence, and then it came.

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